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Beth Kerr Fritz

Profile Updated: October 2, 2021
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Yes! Attending Reunion
What was one (or some) of your favorite classes in high school, and why?

I enjoyed biology calss with Mr. Kinman as the teacher. I liked him and he made science exciting!

Who were some of your favorite high school teachers, and why?

I enjoyed Mrs. Pate, she was sctrict but fair! I had her for Speech Class.

Are you married and how many kids, grand kids, and great grand kids do you have?

I am married but have no grandchildren. Our son is single.

Where do you live now, and where all have you lived for more than a year since you left high school?

We live in Lexington, Kentucky and have lived here since graduating from college. So I have been in Lexington for 46 years.

What is your occupation, and if retired, when did you retire?

I was an elementary school teacher and have been retired for 16 years.

You likely have thousands of stories, but tell us a story (or two) from our high school days.

My most vivid menory was when I worked in the office the first period. I was asked by Mr. Kinman to go to the Post Office to pick up something. I did a great job of parking, but thought I could do better, so I tried again and then dented his car. I felt just terrible.

Who were some of your best friends from high school?

Cathy Trosper, Venita Smith, Sarah Trousdale.

Have you ever served in the military? If so what were your service branch, dates, and where you served.

My husband served in the Navy, but I did not serve in any branch.

After high school, if you completed additional schooling, please indicate what you studied and what degree/certification/award you earned.

I got my Master's degree from the University of Kentuckly.

How involved are you in your church?

Yes we are members of a Methodist Church and before I began teaching, I was very active in the life of the church.

In a paragraph or two, tell us your life story since leaving high school. Spend some time on this as it will be one of the most interesting bits of info about you for your classmates who many have not seen you for 50 years!

I am retired from the Fayette County School system. I was a primary school teacher, teaching at the poorest school in the county. My husband, Richard, is also retired from the school system. He worked for the transportation department and help to route the school buses. We have been married for 46 years and have 1 son who lives in Jeffersonvile, Indiana for Humana.

I was not especially happy in high school as I was teased a great deal, today that would be called bullying. I had some good friends who have become life-long friends for which I am thankful, but I would not want to relive my high school years.

What is your most vivid, happy memory of high school?

How thankful I was for my close friends.

All things considered now that we are looking back almost 50 years, what did you think of our high school education?

I thought I got a good education.

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