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How to Join WHS 71 Website

Instructions for Joining the WHS Class of 1971 Website

Welcome! This website contains WHS Yearbooks, pictures, info about classmates who have died, and other items. It also will be used to communicate with you regarding our 50th class reunion in 2021. To join the website, follow the steps outlined below. If you encounter problems, contact classmate Doug Lemmon (doug_lemmon@hotmail.com cell: 202-439-2586)

What You Will Need

  • 10 to 30 minutes
  • Be ready to answer questions (favorite class, favorite teacher, tell a high school story, etc)
  • Note: answering each question is optional and you can change or update your answer later.
  • Digital pictures of you and from high school days to upload to website – optional and can be done later too

Here are the steps to Join:

1. Go to WHS Class of 1971 website: https://www.classcreator.com/washington-indiana-1971 

2. Click the "Missing Classmates" link on the top menu bar of the home page.


3. A list appears of the classmates who have not yet joined the website.

If you see your name, click it and continue at step 4.

If your name is not in the list, please contact Doug Lemmon. 

4. The 4-step Member Wizard will appear to guide you through questions such as your name, email address, questions about your life since high school, etc. For your reference the questions you will see when you join are listed at the bottom of this page.

5. That's it. Thank you for joining! Now you can look at the Yearbooks, remember our classmates who have died, and find out what other classmates having been doing since high school


ONE FINAL REQUEST. If you know how to contact “missing” classmates, please encourage them to join the website too. Thanks!!!


Here are the Profile Questions you will be asked when you join the website. All questions are optional. You don't have to answer a question if you don't want to. However, you are encouraged to answer as many as you can so that your classmates you have not seen in 50 years will learn a little about your life since high school. And you also are encouraged to read other classmates profile answers to learn what happened to them!

Classmate Profile Questions
1.  What was one (or some) of your favorite classes in high school, and why?
2.  Who were some of your favorite high school teachers, and why?
3.  Are you married and how many kids, grand kids, and great grand kids do you have?
4.  Where do you live now, and where all have you lived for more than a year since you left WHS?
5.  What is your occupation, and if retired, when did you retire?
6.  You likely have thousands of stories, but tell us a story (or two) from our high school days.
7.  Who were some of your best friends from high school?
8.  Which grade school did you attend?
9.  Have you ever served in the military? If so what were your service branch, dates, and where you served.
10. After high school, if you completed additional schooling, please indicate what you studied and what degree/certification/award you earned.
11. On the political front, do you consider yourself a Republican, Democrat, Independent or don't pay attention to politics?
12. How involved are you in your church?
13. In a paragraph or two, tell us your life story since leaving high school. Spend some time on this as it will be one of the most interesting bits of info about you for your classmates who many have not seen you for 50 years!
14. Looking back 50 years at WHS, are there any regrets that you want to share with your classmates? Is there a course that you wish you had taken? An action that you did that you wish you could undo? A conversation that still you wish you could do over?
15. What is your most vivid, happy memory of high school?
16. All things considered now that we are looking back almost 50 years, what did you think of our high school education?